Little Sunshine Turns two!

Sweet Sugar B baby (a.k.a. a little ray of sunshine) Miss Kimbrell turned two...and we just have to share it with you! 

Sugar B Designs Sunshine Birthday

Kimbrell wore the precious PROPER PEONY Sunshine Dress (shown left) with these hot pink 'HUNTER First Classic Rain Boots'! Here's a link to the shoes from NORDSTROM. The Proper Peony Sunshine Dress is sold out, but we've selected a cute alternative (shown right)...the Merry Sunshine Baby Flutter Sleeve Dress from HATLEY. You can find it HERE.

The Sugar B Designs Happy Sunshine Invitation and Return Address Print were the PERFECT way to set the tone for Kimbrell's party! Click the above images to personalize and purchase for YOUR little sunshine! P.S.-this design comes in light pink AND light blue, too! Wahoo! 

Sunshine Birthday by Sugar B Designs
Sunshine Birthday by Sugar B Designs
Sunshine Birthday by Sugar B Designs
Sunshine Birthday by Sugar B Designs

Kimbrell's grandmother made the cake, and her mom created all the party decor. Talk about a TALENTED family!

Guests of the party signed this cheerful book called 'Shine' by author M.H. Clark. "There's something about you that people notice right away. It's a light that beams outward and brightens everything it touches. It's a glow that makes everything more vibrant. This light is always there. And it turns on anytime you're feeling confident or full of possibility. It's the light of a person who's doing good in the world, by being fully, richly, and beautifully alive. Show this light, it's the best that is in you and your gift to give the world. Feel bold and bright in all you have to offer. And always remember to shine."

SHINE is available in hardcover at Amazon. You may find it HERE

Sunshine Birthday by Sugar B Designs
Sunshine Birthday by Sugar B Designs
Sunshine Birthday by Sugar B Designs
Sunshine Birthday by Sugar B Designs

Balloons, hydrangeas, mimosas and smiles! What a BRIGHT celebration! 

Sunshine Birthday by Sugar B Designs

Boo Hoo!! We're sad it's over, too, Kimbrell!! Until next year!! 

Nursery Room Artwork Spotlight : Baby James

Amanda turned to Sugar B Designs for nursery room artwork. We adore the classic, soothing space she created for baby James. 

You'll surely be inspired by her unique framing and beautifully paired prints.

The Green Gable Watercolor and Calligraphy Print in Blue is showcased in a stunning oval matte and square detailed frame over the crib. This open edition reproduction print features hand painted watercolor art by artist Carrie Beth Taylor and hand penned calligraphy by Grace Hall exclusively for Sugar B Designs.

The airy drapes and neutral glider are surrounded by the Teddy with Blue Ribbon Watercolor Print and the Bucket in Blue Watercolor Print. Personalized with baby's custom monogram, the Petite Wreath and Blue Bow Watercolor Print is beautifully matted and framed in an oval shape. Reflecting baby boy fashion, the darling John John in Blue Watercolor Print is strapping and handsome; while the Vintage Lamb with a Blue Bow Watercolor Print is a timeless reflection of yesteryear. 

Thank you to Baby James and his family for sharing this lovely space! We're swooning!

To shop Amanda's picks, click on the prints below, or see the entire Art Print Collection HERE

Jenna's Baby Shower : Sugar B Designs and Grace Calligraphy

Oh Baby Jenna's Shower by Sugar B Designs

Enjoy a glimpse into Jenna's beautiful baby shower!  The celebration was held at the Old Overton Club in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Jenna's Baby Shower Sugar B Designs
Jenna's Baby Shower by Sugar B Designs

Jenna's friends and family wrote sweet messages to baby in the beloved 'Guess How Much I Love You' children's book. 

Friends and Family signed the beloved children's book 'Guess How Much I Love You'
Secret Garden Baby Shower by Sugar B Designs
Jenna's Baby Shower Sugar B Designs

Jenna's Secret Garden Invitation was displayed in a frame! 

Framed Invitation for Jenna's Baby Shower by Sugar B Designs

Jenna's invitation was chosen from the Sugar B Designs Secret Garden Collection featuring watercolor artist Carrie Beth Taylor and calligrapher Grace Hall.


Delicious treats were beautifully displayed at the Overton Club.

Sweet Treats for Jenna's Baby Shower by Sugar B Designs

Congratulations, Jenna! We enjoyed being a part of your celebration! 

Jenna's Baby Shower by Sugar B Designs

Holiday Gift Guide By Tracy Moore of Little C and Lou Lou

We ADORE Tracy Moore!!

Tracy loves to inspire. She relishes in the special moments of life, big and small.

Her blog, Little C and Lou Lou, shares daily inspiration for experiencing your everyday adventures in a stylish way!

Recently, Tracy has been making a list and checking it twice...because we've ALL been nice!

Below you'll find Tracy's tinsel treasures, which are a fabulous pairing of perfect gifts for any girl on your list!

Your little eye will spy the Sugar B Designs stationery items Marella Manor Calling Card and Aloha Girl Flat Stationery included below! 

Check out her Holiday Gift Guide Post with descriptions and links HERE, and be sure to follow Tracy on Instagram at @littlecandloulou

Happy Shopping! 

xoxo Carrie Beth @sugarbdesigns



Stand out from all others for any occasion with our exclusively designed Personalized Gift Tags!

Obsessed with chinoiserie and all things ginger jar?!? Ummm....See below. You're welcome!!

If you LOVE to gift in STYLE...welcome to your happy place. We're happy to have you! 

Featuring hand painted watercolor by Carrie Beth Taylor and calligraphy by Grace Hall!! LOVE!!

Our oversized (AMAZING!!!) tag concept features your personalized information in eye catching style! Simply write the gift recipient's name on the reverse side of the tag for convenience are FABULOUS and FINISHED! 

Merry Christmas, Darlings!!! 

Swoon Worthy : Calligrapher Grace Hall

Grace Hall Calligraphy


Calligrapher and Owner of Grace Calligraphy

You can't help but notice Grace Hall's stunning calligraphy showcased throughout the Sugar B Designs Christmas Collection. Grace's work is also modeled in many of our Baby Shower Invitations and Baby Announcements

Her inviting flourishes and fine flowing lines are artfully eye catching.

We're not only a big fan of Grace...she's a lovely lady...we're also a big fan of her work. We know you will be, too!

We invite you to learn more about Grace by enjoying the fabulous article below.

Originally posted on October 26, 2017 by Kim Ellison for

Five years ago, Sylacauga native Grace Davis Hall began taking calligraphy classes as a hobby.

She explained that she wanted something to do with her time that would perpetuate the term “life-long learner.”  She reflected on all the wonderful weddings, parties, showers, and teas that she enjoyed attending with her mother as a youth in Sylacauga – loving the elegance and heritage of living in the south.  That’s when she found an announcement offering calligraphy classes, so she signed up to take her first class with Deb Warnat in Birmingham.  Hall said she fell in love with the art of calligraphy and practiced hour upon hour to master the strokes.

Since 2012, Hall has taken calligraphy classes from four of the nine “Master Penmen” of the world.  She pens every stroke of her work by hand using a traditional wooden oblique calligraphy pen, metal nib, and inkwell.  She is formally trained in copperplate and Spencerian pointed pen calligraphy and uses that foundation to form her own calligraphy scripts.  Hall stated, “Calligraphy as an art form that comprises a series of strokes.  It is very time consuming –  just the word “the” takes six strokes to pen.  Calligraphy is more than just pretty handwriting, and it takes many, many hours of lessons and practice to develop the muscle memory needed to create the lovely announcements, invitations, and cards that you see.”

“Grace Calligraphy” first debuted on Etsy – many of her initial clients were located in New England and on the west coast.  Hall said she was shipping her cards and invitations from Boston to Los Angeles before word spread of her work locally.   Then in 2016, Southern Weddings Magazine announced a contest for “Best of the South Wedding Awards.”  Grace Calligraphy was nominated by several previous brides as top calligraphy.   The contest began with more than 25  nominees and was narrowed down by voters.  Grace Calligraphy was voted top three calligraphy in the south.  The tenth-anniversary issue of Southern Weddings Magazine will be published in November to include Grace Calligraphy.

Hall currently works with three or four wedding planners where she provides elegant, traditional pointed pen calligraphy for weddings and other special events.  She addresses over 1,000 envelopes per month, averaging 15-20 envelopes per hour.  This month she is working on 800 gold embossed wedding invitations for a bride in Mountain Brook.

Hall has also licensed her calligraphy with Sugar B Designs to be used on baby announcements, birthday invitations, and Christmas cards.   She will be at Magnolias in Sylacauga for Holiday Open House on Nov. 5, 2017 where she will be penning complimentary gift tags for customers who buy presents during the Open House.

Hall is a member of the International Association of Master Penmen Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH).  Her work has been featured in print and digital media.  To book Grace Calligraphy for a wedding, reservations should be made five-six months in advance. Grace Calligraphy can be located on the web (, Facebook, or Instagram.

Grace Calligraphy is based in Birmingham where Hall operates out of her home studio and works with many clients across the south and some nationwide.  She shares her home with her husband, OZ, and their dog, Sugar.  She is the daughter of Chuck and Lydia Davis of Sylacauga.

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