Frequently Asked Questions

I have three photos to share on my card, but the shown sample only has one photo. Am I able to use my three photos?

Yes! We're happy to accommodate your family photos onto any card.  

May I change the wording on a card from what's listed on the sample?

Sure! As long as it's not the calligraphy, which has been created in advance. Any block script may be changed for you. 

May I see a proof before print?

Absolutely! We always email digital proofs for your approval before print. 

My photo seems to be too large to upload via the website. What do I do?

No problem! Simply email it to with your order number. 

May I add a 'rush' to my order? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer a rush option. However, you're more than welcome to choose any one of our expedited shipping options! 

How do we make our last names plural on the Christmas card?

In most cases, it's appropriate to simply add an “s” to your last name with no apostrophe. For example, "Taylor" would become "The Taylors".  However, last names that end in s, x, z, ch or sh are privy to a different rule; such as the last name "Goldasich". In this case, add an “es” to Goldasich making it "The Goldasiches". Want to keep it simple? How about listing your name as "The Goldasich Family". Now that has a nice ring to it!!

How should we list family members' names?

Consistency is key. It's not necessary to list the head of household first if you're not adding the last name to an informal card.  Adding the ages of children is appropriate in parenthesis next to their name. In the case of a married couple, never separate the man from his last name. For example:

CORRECT : Sarah and Frank Gulliver   |   INCORRECT : Frank and Sarah Gulliver

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